Cristy Cali's Top Picks at St. Roch Market

The St. Roch Market has been one of my favorite places to pick up some great food from locals and hang out with friends. Not sure if you've ever been here, but if you have, then perhaps some of these dishes may be familiar to you. I love trying something new, so I do my best to give something different a try during each visit. After you finish reading, leave me a comment (I read each one) and let me know if you have a suggestion or if you've tried any of these dishes I tried during this visit on Thursday, May 9th for lunch. 


T2 Street Food 

In all honesty, I'm a little frustrated with this place because they often run out of the bao buns. It has happened on more than 3 separate occasions and sometimes I drive here all the way from my Destrehan home (30-45 minute drive) only to arrive and receive the terrible news. The news is only devastating because they are that good. 

Usually, I order three - a shrimp, mushroom and chicken bao. The mushroom can be a little messy, but I assure you it is worth it!


Despite my disappointment, I figured I would try something new. This was my first time testing the stir fry and I was blown away! I ordered it with chicken this go around. If you like it spicy, try their house-made spicy sauce. Sriracha has gotten a little old for me, at this point. 



Elysian Fields Seafood

A trip to the St. Roch Market is not complete without an order of their Market Ceviche. Again, I was feeling daring this day, so I wanted to try something new. I asked the kind fella if he would rather the Gulf Fish over the Coconut Curry Shrimp and he said, "You know, that's a tough one. But I'm gonna have to say go with the shrimp."

"Alright, it's all in your hands now. I trust it's gonna be awesome, especially with you making it," I said. 

He assured me I wouldn't be disappointed 😉


The Coconut Shrimp was pretty freaking awesome. It came served with diced sweet potatoes - a nice balance to the curry. I sucked on the shrimp heads, a Louisiana habit, I suppose. Not sure how many others suck on shrimp heads like crawfish heads, but hey, they were juicy, so I had to take advantage of the opportunity 😜 



Ceviche is refreshing and phenomenal as usual. Highly recommended. This is a small size, not recommended for sharing.


The Daily Beet 

I'm a sucker for some good juices. The Daily Beet has a great selection of fresh cold pressed juices, one of my favorites being the Smokey Bear. Do not try if you do not like spicy or cayenne pepper, but it is very good for your throat. 

 They do also offer some spectacular smoothie and breakfast options. I've had the avocado toast before. Delicious!


It's rare for me to brag about sweets, but I have to highlight a dessert my friend ordered because it wasn't too sweet at all! In fact, when I was younger, I used to dislike coconut flakes, but now I've found myself liking it more and more. I can't remember exactly what the dessert is called, but it is the only coconut based dessert they have, so just ask for the coconut dessert. It's popular! So come early because they do run out! 


Leave me a comment! I read each and every one! I'd love to know about your suggestions or if you've tried any of my recommendations. Where do you think I should go next? 

Peace & love,

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