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Why You Should EMBRACE Friday the 13th

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If you haven't realized it by now, allow me to be the first to inform you that today is Friday the 13th.

Have you had a good day so far? 

Well, you must be, because you're alive and that's a great start 😉

By the time you finish reading this, you're either going to think I'm a crazy nut case 😜 and have no idea how I get by in life, or you'll be happy that you took the time to read this and feel lighter, better and more empowered for tomorrow.

I'm banking on the latter...

Have you been feeling challenged lately... to the point where you have had to make a series of decisions that really question your outlook on life? Or maybe you are questioning who you really are? 

Are you 100% certain that you are living your life the way you really want? Are you genuinely happy when you wake up everyday? Does your life look the way you thought or hoped it would look like a years ago? Are you expressing your creative talents and abilities with the world? Have you fully discovered all of them? (hint: the answer is likely no). 

Is this all there is? What are you looking forward to in life? Do you ever question why you're here? Do you ever feel hopeless in humanity? Are you confident about the way you are living your life? Are you operating from your fullest potential? 

Why the hell am I asking all of these questions? 😜

Well, don't you ever ask yourself these questions?

How often do you question if you're really happy? 

If you get easily frustrated 😡, that's a sign that you are so overwhelmed with stress, pressure, and responsibilities that you're always on guard, resisting or fighting back the pressures at be to in order to keep yourself in a temporarily sane place. The question is, is it worth it?

Are you living your life, investing your life-force energy into things that are making your life better in some way? Are the people you regularly surround yourself supporting you? 

Back to reality. It's STILL Friday the 13th ✨

So this is where Numerology comes in. For those of you who have no idea what that is, just remember: as above, so below. 

It's very possible, that when you look back at the people in your life who were really mean and ugly to you, were literally ugly. It's also possible, that individuals we perceive as mean or cruel can suffer from cancer or other illnesses that feed on the body or attack it. 

If we speak negative things, the words hurt. If we do negative things, the actions hurt. If we live the majority of our lives (51% or more) in a negative way, we suffer. Literally. 

The pendulum swings. It's the law of energy. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. We are energy. Whether you are a positive or negative force is completely up to you. You decide this based on the state of your consciousness - are you constantly emitting a positive or a negative vibe? 

Everything is energy ✨... the only difference is the frequency.

Numerology is a field of study that dives deep into the meanings of numbers based on a vibration they emit. 

The number 13 is a number which symbolizes death, transformation ✨ and rebirth. 

"This symbol suggests reproduction and rebirth, not necessarily literally into this world, but rather a rebirth of the consciousness into higher planes." (Javine, 158)

"Under a 13 you can expect the changes that will bring an end to conditions that no loner serve as a useful purpose in your evolutionary scheme. Any rigid thought patterns must be altered and crystalized ideas must be shattered. Only through death of present circumstance can you be released - freed to open the door for progress." (Javine 157)



DEATH: The 13th Tarot Card

The Death card shows Death himself riding on a white horse, holding a black and white flag. Death is portrayed as a skeleton as the skeletal bones are the part of the body that survives death. The armour he is wearing indicates that he is invincible and unconquerable. Indeed, no-one has yet triumphed over death. The horse that Death rides is white, the colour of purity. Death is therefore the ultimate purifier. All things are reborn fresh, new and pure. Notice even the bishop paying homage to him. All sectors of the human race are represented here – men, women and children – showing that Death does not discern between age, race or gender.



Are you ready to shed a version of yourself that no longer serves you?

How long are we going to continue to live our lives without growing? If you are surpressing your own growth, how do you expect your life circumstances to change? The problem is, we do this without even realizing we're doing it to ourselves. This is why earlier, I bombarded you with questions. 

It is our duty as human beings to question, for without questioning comes no understanding and without understanding, how can we trully accept anything? Are you accepting just because, or do you know in your heart that whatever you are accpeting in your life is better serving you. 

Remember, as above so below. The number 13 vibration is granting an opportunity for us to take action and let go of anything in our lives that is either actively keeping us from growing into our full potential or not doing us any good period

NOW is the time to make tough decisions. 

The sooner the better. You can either deal with it now, or wait and things could get worse, and still deal with it later.

In this short 1-minute interview, Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski explains how lobsters may be smarter than us, when it comes to dealing with stress.

Make room in your life for only what truly makes you happy and is serving your spiritual evolution - AKA true happiness and self-completion. 

This could mean breaking "friendships" with people that say they're your friend, but they're really not. They just use you when they need something or reach out when it's convenient. These are the people that flake out on you regularly and make excuses... let them go. Trust me, it's their loss. 

If you're feeling really unhappy at work for any reason at all, that's killing your spirit. If someone in your family regularly disrespects you, don't think you have no options. If you feel unworthy of success and happiness in any way shape or form, something is out of balance. If there is anything keeping you from fulling your dreams, clearly, something is blocking you! 

Choosing not to do anything about your unhappiness is also a choice. 

So ask yourself, am I crazy for believing life doesn't have to be a certain way, or are you crazy for believing you can't have a life you've always wanted?

I hope you always choose happiness. I hope you never settle for less. I hope you know I believe in the power of love, and if you love yourself enough to give yourself the best life, you can do anything. 


Cristy Cali


  • Margaret: April 30, 2018

    Not sure of your age but everything you spoke of is so true. It is easy to say the change is needed and you want it. But each day brings new challenges and walls to get over.

  • Linny: April 30, 2018

    I’ve always loved the number 13 and Friday 13th has always been a lucky day for me so much so that we actually scheduled the closing of our home on April 13 and so many people thought my husband and I were crazy to close on our house on Friday 13th but like we said we are not superstitious people and 13 is my lucky number so that’s the day we picked and went with it.

  • Penny: April 16, 2018

    Love love your jewelry. Are you going to add more charms with the jaw clips for charm bracelets.

  • Erin rovin: April 16, 2018


  • Deb: April 15, 2018

    Love This!!! In a world in such chaos, always be kind! We never know what battles people are facing.

  • Jeanine wheeler: April 14, 2018

    Love your jewelry I would love to win and add more to my collection.

  • Belinda: April 13, 2018

    I loved this blog and as a child, I use to fear Friday the 13th (which is funny since I have loved anything spooky since the day I was born!). Now, after learning more about it, I love it (any chance to talk superstition and spooky stuff right?) and its one of my favourite days – right behind Halloween of course!. For me, my little bit of rebirth or transformation is finally having a go in a creative field I have wanted to be a part of since forever, but never thought I was good enough. That doubt is still there, but I am still having a go, and I am really enjoying the whole process. I’m in a little slump at the moment, but that will shift soon enough. I’m sorry I didn’t follow my passion sooner – even if nothing comes of it, I tried and I did something I truly love.

  • Sabrina: April 13, 2018

    This was excellent! It is perfect for me & everything I am going through & trying to get through. Your words are music to my soul, Very descriptive & true, just like your jewelry creations. Thank you for this awesome email! Perfect start to my weekend.

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