No Call Voo Doo Doll – Cristy Cali

No Call Voo Doo Doll



  • Measures 25 mm tall
  • "No Call Voo Doo Doll" engraved on the back
  • Solid 925 sterling silver
  • Consciously handcrafted in Thailand
  • Designed with love in New Orleans, USA

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No Call Voo Doo Doll

He's got his eye brow raised and a permanent smirk stitched on his face, because this little dude has an attitude. He missed the call... or did he? I suppose we'll never know. But this design was inspired by the tragic event that occurred on that fateful day of January 20, 2019. The day the Saints and the people of New Orleans were robbed of a Superbowl opportunity. 

We all saw it. We all knew where we were, who we were with and time just stopped. Wait... did you see that? Hold up. Nahhh... that can't be. 

But it did. 

Little did we know history had just been altered forever. 


The Saints are my boys. I mean, they were my heroes when they won the Superbowl just 5 years after Katrina. When it comes to collective energies, I had never in my life felt the city of New Orleans so alive. Everyone was happy. We finally had our moment after so many years of rebuilding our home and reputation. 

When I saw the play go down, my heart sank. Fairness is so important because that is what gives faith in the game. Why would all these young kids aspire to be NFL players if playing hard and fair wasn't what was rewarded? When business, greed or anything over love of the game gets in the way of the game, we have to ask ourselves, where is the heart? What is the point? Why are we all here if this isn't authentic?

The New York Post posted an article on January 21st titled Ref's Explanation For Blown Call Is UnacceptableHere's a snippet:

' “It’s a judgment call by the officials. I personally have not seen the play,” was the response from referee Bill Vinovich, telling a pool reporter after the game that he was ignorant of the play everyone was freaking out about.'

Seriously?! The beautiful thing about New Orleans is we sure as hell know how to make really good spiked lemonade and throw a party around it. Before we knew it, local organizers managed to put together "Boycott Bowl" in New Orleans, which occurred at the same time as the Superbowl. Several great artists and musicians, such as CHOPPA, Big Freedia, and Flowtribe, got together to put on a party festival. 

My dear friend, Rachel Vette, lead singer of The Vettes, called me a few days after she was booked to perform. She came up with the creatively clever idea to create penalty flag throws and stuff them with my Football jewelry. I had a fun time making the throws at 1 AM the night before while watching Velvet Buzzsaw (great but eerie movie). It made me happy knowing my football charm and earrings were being thrown to true Saints fans. 

Rachel had introduced me to her good friend, Amanda Shaw, a few months ago. She's such a sweetheart! She was hanging out backstage when I arrived. We watched Rachel together until she asked both of us to start throwing the penalty flags. There I was jamming on stage, throwing penalty flags to an excited crowd, during one of the most rebellious acts of the century with badass Rachel Vette and New Orleans sweetheart, Amanda Shaw. I couldn't have asked for a better Sunday. 


My husband and I had a great time. He took a great video with his cell phone, catching me and Amanda throwing the penalty flags together. The crowd LOVED them! Everything happens for a reason. Think of the millions of people that were affected as a result of this call. Lots of other local businesses also decided to respond to the bad call by creating some type of Referee Voo Doo Doll product. I couldn't resist the opportunity to create a piece of jewelry inspired by these events to celebrate the rebellious and free spirited nature of New Orleans, a city I proudly call home. This design was also largely requested by my jewelry fans & members from my VIP Facebook Group. In fact, the members from this group helped me to name this design and make a few adjustments from my original concept sketch. To a huge thanks to everyone who participated in making this design a reality! 

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