Move Forward Arrow Ring





Cristy's Comments:

The whole idea of introducing Voo Doo inspired jewelry or any other cultural and philosophical designs into my line is to highlight any positive connections. Good juju is like good luck. In many ancient cultures, it was not uncommon to believe an object could bring you good or bad luck. Designed with good positive intentions, this pendant carries positive energy to bring some good juju into your life. It's all about your beliefs. If you believe you're going to have a great day, you will. Sometimes a little juju doll helps, too. 

Life is all about experiences that shape and grow us to become the individuals we are today. Those experiences can be both negative and positive. These experiences share one special value, and that is growth. HOW we choose to respond in certain situations say more about who we are than anything else. Remembering to stay positive and responding to negative situations in a light of love and compassion will help us not worry about the small stuff and help us stay on track and moving FORWARD towards the more important things in life - such as our life goals and ultimately, happiness.

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