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New Orleans Aints Paper Bag Couture Charm


All you have to do is google "New Orleans Aints" and there they are! All the photos - a blast from the past of sad fans with paper bags over their heads because we had never won a Superbowl. But times have changed, and after our much deserved Superbowl win after Katrina, you could feel the spirits of New Orleanians near and far, a wave of energy suddenly lifted. Even before our big win, dedicated fans took to the stands with humor and laughter, especially in the 80's. We created a culture in which we never deny our identity, but rather embrace it - through the great and the bad times.

According to this wikipedia article, this is how it got started:

In 1980, the Saints had high hopes after their two relatively successful seasons. Instead, the bottom fell out, where, despite a strong offense, their defense was almost nonexistent. The team started 0-12, and Dick Nolan was fired; he was replaced by Dick Stanfel, who lost two games (including one in San Francisco where the Saints blew a 28-point lead). They managed to win against the New York Jets, who finished with the league's second worst record at 4-12, by a point. This game was also noteworthy for an episode where Archie Manning was signing autographs after the game. A boy ran up to him and stole his (unfastened) necktie, after which he was fined for violating the NFL's dress code. The Saints then lost their last game of the season to the New England Patriots to finish 1-15, the worst mark in team history and (at the time) the worst for a 16-game schedule, since eclipsed by the 2008 Detroit Lions (0-16). A local journalist and radio/TV personality, Buddy Diliberto, wore a paper grocery bag over his head to promote the brown bag special of Sonic, the Saint's sponsor at the time. Many fans took to wearing bags over their heads when attending games. The moniker "Aints" was also born due to the ineptitude of the 1980 Saints.

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