The Super Flower Moon - May 7 – Cristy Cali

The Super Flower Moon - May 7

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To honor Mother Earth and the Spirit of Spring, each Thursday I am releasing one very special, unique one-of-a-kind design with a specific intention of healing.

Spring is a time and season to celebrate life, growth, and prosperity. Despite the fact that there is a pandemic crisis facing the word today, nothing can destroy the life force energy the Universe blessed us with. The Law of Conservation of Energy tells us energy can be transformed, but never destroyed.

Today’s release was designed for a very special woman in mind.

The greatest characteristic of today's piece is that this individual is feeling a lot of pressure. 

"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom." -Anais Nin

Something is holding her back - fear, anxiety, worry - from blossoming into the potential she was destined to be. 

She can feel a calling. She knows there is something great she must accomplish in her life. But to become this person means to expose the truth of who she is and become vulnerable. This is scary. 

The truth and message this necklace brings is "darkness is nothing to fear." Darkness is only dark because it is an unexplored place we have yet to bring forth our light.

Is she willing to embark on this journey? Or will fear hold her back?

When we close ourselves off and shut ourselves down from fear, we prevent the gifts of the Universe to be presented to us - like a closed fist instead of open hands. 


Diamonds are created under pressure. 

So I invite the beautiful buds who are reading this to remember, you are beautiful just the way you are. You are alive right now for a reason. You have been assigned some sort of mission to make this world a greater place. Reveal your beauty for all to see and become inspired by your journey. 

Today, on this full moon, one of you will be reminded of your purpose and become reignited with fuel & energy to do what you know you were meant to accomplish. 

She will reflect the light from the Highest Source upon everyone she comes into contact with. 

She will reveal the truth of why she is here. 


She is the Super Flower Moon. 

Click here to read more about today's Super Flower Moon.



  • 17" pastel pink freshwater pearls
  • Sterling silver magnolia charm does not move
  • Pearls honor the moon, our emotions and healing others with our energy
  • The pink color of the pearls symbolize youth, love and innocence

Includes complimentary 30-minute Chakra Oracle Card reading via Zoom video conference with Dr. Cristy Cali

Cristy's message to the Full Moon Flower

 My message to the wearer of this piece is to become fearless. The greatest thing holding you back is your own limiting beliefs. 

Identify those limiting beliefs and squash them. 

This is often one of the most difficult things for us to do because we've been conditioned to believe certain things that keep us where we are. 

You have so much untapped potential power! Take it back and do not give it away.

The first step is forgiveness. Forgive yourself for not knowing better. Then, you'll be able to forgive all those who hurt you along the way for their ignorance. 

You got this! And remember, I'm a cheerleader for your growth and prosperity!

Peace & love,


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