The People's Princess - April 2 – Cristy Cali

The People's Princess - April 2

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To honor the very first day of Spring, I am releasing my first design out of a series of 12 one-of-a-kind pieces I created with someone special in mind.

Spring is a time and season to celebrate life, growth, and prosperity. Despite the fact that there is a pandemic crisis facing the word today, nothing can destroy the life force energy the Universe blessed us with. The Law of Conservation of Energy tells us energy can be transformed, but never destroyed.

Today’s release was designed for a special young lady.

She is a young, motivated, and full of passion for her dedication. Wise beyond her years, she serves humanity through her work, even as a volunteer. She is so loved and so appreciated by her family & friends. Her confidence is rooted as a result of her support system. Those touched by the grace of her authenticity honor the light and love she radiates through her ambition. 

Not only is she a lady, but she can also dive into adventure or athletics. She could be a dancer, adrenaline junkie or a team player of some sort. She can be a team player, but you can always count on her to lead when someone needs to step up.

Sometimes, she carries the weight of the world on her shoulders. Her heart is so giving, all she really wants out of life is to make a major difference in people’s lives; whether she helps individually or collectively.

She communicates directly, with honesty and kindness. Although confident, she never puts herself above others. She lives her life in alignment with the principle of equality. 

She is The People’s Princess.


Metaphysical Properties & Details:

  • 16.5" long peacock pearl necklace with a sterling silver toggle clasp
  • Sterling silver Crown charm moves freely, which symbolically represents a connection to the Divine
  • Pearls honor the moon, our emotions and healing others with our energy
  • The purple-toned peacock color of the pearls symbolize wisdom, nobility and passion

Includes complimentary 30-minute Chakra Oracle Card reading via Zoom video conference with Dr. Cristy Cali

Cristy's message The People's Princess

Your desire & dedication to serving others is recognized and honored. This design was created with the intention to remind you that you are Divine, that's what the crown symbolically represents. 

Throughout history, we see evidence of monarchies and kingdoms utilizing the crowns to represent that these individuals have "royal blood" somehow of greater importance than their counterparts. 

You fundamentally understand that we each wear our own crowns. You walk your talk about equality, fairness and justice. It's time for you to show your crown and wear it proudly. 

Stay enthusiastic, youthful at heart, and dedicated to serving through your light & love. Keep shining bright, love. The world needs you, now more than ever. 

In peace, love and light,

Cristy Cali

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