The Lover of Self - April 23 – Cristy Cali

The Lover of Self - April 23

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To honor Mother Earth and the Spirit of Spring, each Thursday I am releasing one very special, unique one-of-a-kind design with a specific intention of healing.

Spring is a time and season to celebrate life, growth, and prosperity. Despite the fact that there is a pandemic crisis facing the word today, nothing can destroy the life force energy the Universe blessed us with. The Law of Conservation of Energy tells us energy can be transformed, but never destroyed.

Today’s release was designed for a very special woman in mind.

Like most of us, she has yet to master the art of self-love. 

There's a likely chance she has experienced rejection, bullying or demeaning teasing, especially during childhood. 

As a result, she has struggled with accepting herself, her body, and being comfortable within her own skin. There have been nights she has fallen asleep on a wet pillow, crying herself to sleep because she was unhappy with her own reflection. 

Nevertheless, she's come a long way and made incredible progress. She's in a much better place now thanks to her own inner light and strength. 

She has come to understand that true beauty comes from within. Physically attractive women do not equate to internal, spiritual, mental and emotional beauty. 

Little by little, she is discovering new ways to nurture her soul and care for herself. Sometimes it takes years to understand ourselves well enough to know what our specific needs are. For example, some of us need a consistent outlet for creative expression, like art, writing, creating crafts, growing a garden - anything that brings self-fulfillment. It's important for her to visually see the end result of her efforts because that is what creates the feeling of achievement & purpose within herself. 

This necklace is designed to teach & remind the wearer my 3 basic principles of self-love mastery:

  1. Self-Acceptance
  2. Respect for free will
  3. Self-responsibility



As simple as this task may seem, self-acceptance begins with being able to not only accept our physical body, but our entire story. What is the story you've been telling others about yourself? What does your autobiography say? Do you own it? Can you love that story about yourself?

She must learn to accept and appreciate everything about herself, including her past, because without it, even the "bad stuff," she wouldn't have accumulated the required experiences to realize that particular path did not work. 


Respect For Free Will

We want others to respect our own choices, even if they do not agree; therefore, we should respect theirs as well. 

She is learning more and more each day that her choices reflect who she is, not how skinny she is, how much money she has in the bank, or how many friends she has. Owning her power means owning her choices and accepting responsibility for those choices. 



Self-responsibility goes hand-in-hand with respecting free will because we must be responsible for the choices we make. 

This lesson is all about learning not to expect others to do for her what she could and should do for herself; and visa versa - she should not do for others what they could and should do for themselves. 

The reason this is an important lesson is to protect her own boundaries and respect the boundaries of those within her life. Otherwise, she could risk becoming overburdened with responsibilities that are not hers to begin with; thus, reflecting that she is prioritizing that individual's needs before herself. 


Self-Love Mastery

These are my personal 3 principles for self-love mastery and the mission behind this design is to ensure the wearer is always reminded of these moving forward. 

Self-love cannot be taught. Self-love must be lived. To know the difference is to experience what life is like with and without. 

The Divine Being of a woman who was meant to own this is perfect. Yes, she is perfect and doesn't even realize how factual that statement is. 

She is perfect just the way she is because she is a perfect work-in-progress. Her mistakes, failures, challenges and set-backs are actually all part of The Plan to transform her to the exceptional being she is becoming. 


She is The Lover of Self


Metaphysical Properties & Details

  • Approximately 17 inches long, plus adjustable extension up to 19"
  • Freshwater pearls honor the moon, which represents purity of heart, motherhood, femininity, emotions and caring for others
  • Fleur de lis design represents faith, prosperity and is symbolic of the trinity - keeping in mind my 3 principles of self-love 
  • Includes complimentary 30-minute Charkra Oracle Card reading with Cristy Cali via Zoom video conference



Cristy's Message To The Buyer

You've thought you are alone in your feelings of self-worth, but you're not. I know because I've been there myself. 

When I was 15 years old, I experienced my first suicidal thoughts and my family didn't take it seriously.

In fact, they grew even more upset with me, just adding fuel to the fire of feeling isolated, alone and abandoned. So, I learned to keep my feelings to myself and deal with them on my own, which did not make things any better. 

I see you. I know you're there. I also already know that I love you for the Divine being that you are. The Universe did not send you here to Earth by accident. You have a purpose. There's a mission you have yet to accomplish. 

Although I may not know precisely what your life mission or goals are, I know that you will require self-love to accomplish truly them. 

If you can master that, you will inspire others along the way to follow in your footsteps. You'll be able to guide those on the same path you have traveled before. 

Self-love is about emulating all the beautiful things you love about other people that have inspired and empowered you. This is why you must own your power, step up and allow yourself to be seen by others. Because when you do so, you are lifting their vibration just like others have helped you.

You have that power. Own it. 


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