The Keeper of Peace - March 26 – Cristy Cali

The Keeper of Peace - March 26

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Thursday, March 26, 2020

To honor Mother Earth and the Spirit of Spring, each Thursday I am releasing one very special, unique one-of-a-kind design with a specific intention of healing.

This week's creation is for someone who resonates with the following story and qualities:

Her greatest priority in life is holding a strong sense of inner peace wherever she goes.

The grace of her energy is calm, tranquil and serene. 

She is a woman who may or may not be a mother or a caretaker. If she is, she creates the time to nurture herself to better care for others. If she is not a caretaker, she seeks opportunities to express her love and affection for those in need. Either way, she values her "alone" time. 

She’s likely to live near a body of water because this brings an enormous sense of peace to her and her family.

This is a woman who can feel the emotions of others within her own body. She’s an emotional intuitive with an incredible sense of empathy who demonstrates compassion on a soul-level of purity.

Others feel an angel-like aura within her presence.

She communicates eloquently with poise and love. She is a charismatic conversationalist who enjoys deep & meaningful discussions of life. 

There’s a possibility she experienced a difficult childhood, depriving her of essential expressions of love and affection. The pain and trauma of her past has elevated her to ensure the life she lives brings light to those she encounters.

She’s a naturalist who lives for those breath-taking moments when the sun sets and reveals a majestic sky, always taking the time to appreciate the little glorious moments of life. 

Stargazing used to be something she looked forward to at night as a child, and given the opportunity, will take a few moments to appreciate the luminescence of the moon. She feels connected to lunar energy and the seas of the world.

She is The Keeper of Peace


Metaphysical Properties & Details:

  • 18 inches plus 2" sterling silver extension, includes lobster clasp

  • Freshwater Biwa Stick pearls honor the moon, which represents motherhood, femininity, emotions and caring for others

  • White pearls represent purity, honesty, oneness, Divinity, and pure light

  • Includes complimentary 30-minute Chakra Oracle Card reading with Cristy Cali via Zoom video conference

    Cristy's Message to buyer:

    I recognize and honor you for your desire to keep the peace wherever you go.  This design was intended to remind you that not only am I thinking about you, but I support your journey. 

    By keeping the peace, you are actively adding more high vibrational support to the collective human consciousness. It begins with us, as individuals. 

    You understand others on an emotional level and can see the lack of love they are missing in their life. Your presence, attention and dedication to peace inspires others to be more like you - loving. 

    You also understand the difference between isolation and solitude. You hardly ever feel lonely and thrive alone because you feel so abundant within yourself. 

    I created this for you, because you deserve recognition for being the Keeper of Peace. 

    In light, peace and love,

    Cristy Cali

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