The Graceful Forgiver - April 9 – Cristy Cali

The Graceful Forgiver - April 9

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To honor Mother Earth and the Spirit of Spring, each Thursday I am releasing one very special, unique one-of-a-kind design with a specific intention of healing.

Spring is a time and season to celebrate life, growth, and prosperity. Despite the fact that there is a pandemic crisis facing the word today, nothing can destroy the life force energy the Universe blessed us with. The Law of Conservation of Energy tells us energy can be transformed, but never destroyed.

Today’s release was designed for a very special woman in mind.

This woman has endured a lot of emotional pain and anguish. She's been misunderstood, taken for granted, and manipulated. The level of betrayal she has experienced could be featured in a Lifetime movie. There have been times she's felt her spirit was crushed, abandoned and left behind by family or those she once believed were true friends. 

Throughout the years, slowly but surely, she has come to understand what happened and maybe even why. She's learned to make peace with the past, which is a constant work in progress. Who she is in the present moment is what really matters. She realizes the past has the power to positively influence her personal energy, and state of being, if that's what she truly desires. And she does. 

Being resentful for so long never made anything better; in fact, those negative emotions only made things worse. Although painful, she has learned the power of forgiveness. Ever since, she's found new connections, new friends to call family, and more than likely, new love. 

Her journey may have led her to question her faith, but now, she's stronger in faith than ever before. She found a Divine connection within herself, to Source and the Great Mystery that has made her an unstoppable, graceful force of love, kindness and forgiveness. 

She knows now. If she could overcome what she's been through, she can do anything. 

She is the Graceful Forgiver. 


Metaphysical Properties & Details:

  • Approximately 18" with 2" sterling silver adjustable extension
  • Freshwater white pearls honor the moon, which represents purity of heart, motherhood, femininity, emotions and caring for others
  • Dyed freshwater lavender pearls represent healing, forgiveness, refinement and elegance with a sense of maturity, compared to light pink
  • The Celtic Cross is symbolic of eternity and infinity, representing the Eternal Oneness of The Great Spirit, The Great Mystery and The Divine; the cross is a vertical line (connection to the sky, Spirit) perpendicular to a horizontal line (the earth plane) which is the human condition
  • Includes complimentary 30-minute Charkra Oracle Card reading with Cristy Cali via Zoom video conference


Cristy's Message to buyer:

Emotionally, you've been through hell. The betrayal, the lies, dishonesty, and all that came with your journey has left some deep wounds and visible scars on your heart. 

You've come so far and I want you to know that I made this design for you so you could have a physical reminder of a few things:

  1. When these painful experiences serve you, you are giving purpose to those experiences. How do they serve you? Through gratitude.  When we are thankful for these painful experiences, not only do we find & see the beauty within ourselves, but we also begin to see that the corruption of the human condition begins when we fail to identify ourselves as Divine Beings, just like those who hurt you. 
  2. Real change begins with ourselves and only ourselves. We cannot impose upon free will, but we can inspire and influence others to alter their behavior and thinking when we live by example. 
  3. Before you can forgive others, you must forgive yourself for not knowing better. Stop being so hard on yourself. Be kind and loving to you so you can reciprocate that to others when they make mistakes as well. 
  4. Practice apologizing to yourself. If you call yourself stupid, an idiot, a fool or anything less than who you are in your mind, stop and apologize. Accept with grace and move on. 
  5. As my fellow human sister, know that I have unconditional love for you. After all, remember, I made this for you because you deserve to be acknowledged and honored for you triumphs. I'm always here to celebrate your growth. 

In peace, love and light,

Cristy Cali

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