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The Divine Sisters

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THURSDAY, MAY 28, 2020

To honor Mother Earth and the Spirit of Spring, each Thursday I am releasing one very special, unique one-of-a-kind design with a specific intention of healing.

Spring is a time and season to celebrate life, growth, and prosperity. Despite the fact that there is a pandemic crisis facing the word today, nothing can destroy the life force energy the Universe blessed us with. The Law of Conservation of Energy tells us energy can be transformed, but never destroyed.

Unlike previous weeks, this week's release is designed for TWO very special women in mind.

The intention behind today's release is to connect two women, The Divine Sisters, who may or may not know one another, with the message that their spirit (our spirit) is birthed from the same source. 

The Divine Sisters bracelets are about honoring emotions, self-care, illuminating light upon our shadow-self, stability, strength, harmony, grounding, and joy. 


These two individuals are on the same path - a journey of self-discovery, happiness, love, harmony and abundance. 

When the Divine Sisters look at their bracelet, they are to be reminded to send the other love and support energetically. 

If one sister is experiencing a difficult moment, time or day, focus your attention on your bracelet and ask your Divine Sister for positive thoughts to help elevate you. 

This back-and-forth model of giving and receiving energetic love and support is the divine design & intention for today's release. I hope these two individuals enjoy this very meaningful creation. 

Know that you are both incredibly powerful, beautiful, and worthy. 


Metaphysical Properties & Details

  • White freshwater keishi pearls honor the moon, our Divine Feminine energy, emotions, and the deep desire to care for one another

  • Agate is a mineral stone belonging to the quartz family

  • Faceted clear quartz stones

  • Strength, stability, grounding, soothing, positive, supportive energy, bringer of joy!

  • Includes complimentary 30-minute Charkra Oracle Card reading with Cristy Cali via Zoom video conference

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