Meet My Friends

Meet My Friends

In my life journey, I have been blessed to encounter beautiful souls along the way who have made a positive impact in my life. Whether they lent me a helping hand or helped promote my brand in some way, I wanted to have a place to recognize them here incase there was any connection in which they could help you, too. 

I did not get to where I am today without the help of others, and I am truly grateful for the faces and hearts behind these companies. 


Beadaholic - International Bead & Jewelry Blogger

Paula Jackson is an internationally recognized blogger in the bead world, and she's pretty much my next door neighbor, being based out of Mississippi. At first, I knew Paula by recognizing her name popping up in my social media activity and then I noticed she would take these BEAUTIFUL photos and post them on Instagram account. Which, by the way, if you LOVE collecting these style charms, you'd love to follow her! She's the creator behind a very successful blog and thanks to Paula, more people from all over the world know about my brand. She's truly made a difference and feel she's like an angel helping small companies like me grow in a very competitive jewelry market. 


From Rouge With Love - Louisiana Blogger 

Kayle Riccobono is the beautiful face behind the From Rouge with Love Blog, based out of Baton Rouge. The reason she's special to me is because she's the only blogger that reached out to me with a genuine heart, wanting to help me grow my business. Perhaps it is because before she was gifted one of my Couture bracelets with a charm on it before her grandmother passed away. Jewelry is unlike any other accessory - it truly is all about the connection and relationship someone individually develops and Kayle really understands this. She helps manage my social media accounts and does a lot of great work promoting me on her blog. 

Concept 13 Studios LLC - Professional Photography & Videography

This is the company behind all of my promotional videos. Top notch equipment and service. Don't know what I would do without them! They bring great ideas to the table and have helped enhance the quality of videography for me to bring to you. Highly recommended for any filming needs!

Oscar Rajo - Internationally Published Photographer

Oscar is the genius behind the camera and has helped bring my brand vision to life with his impeccable photography skills. He enjoys wedding photography, so if you're looking for a New Orleans wedding photographer, he's your guy!


Regina Meredith - Journalist & Truth Seeker

I found Regina from her show Open Minds on Gaia TV. She's a beautiful soul with a great heart and a has spent her life in search for the hidden truth. She put on a retreat in Sedona in November 2017 with attendees from all over the world, including Brazil, Canada and Australia... and I proudly represented New Orleans & the entire South. Perhaps you may see her wearing one of the custom one-of-a-kind pieces I made for her! If you're interested in expanding your perspective and searching for more spiritual knowledge, she's a great person to follow.  

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