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Healing from Breast Cancer



Giving back has always been a part of the Cristy Cali culture - in business and in life. Complete wellness of the mind and body is also something I’m a true believer in.

As i embark upon a new chapter in life, expanding my online business with a physical location on Magazine Street in New Orleans, I will continue honoring my passion for paying it forward with a partnership with Casting for Recovery, an organization that provides healing outdoor retreats for women affected with breast cancer, at no cost to them.

We partnered with Casting for Recovery, to create awareness around the importance of the spiritual, mental and emotional aspects of recovering from breast cancer. I am excited to invite you to take part in this amazing partnership as well. Cristy Cali clients and customers can support breast cancer patients and survivors with a 2020 casting for recovery retreat experience, simply by purchasing select Cristy Cali pieces.

Why Casting for Recovery?


85 cents from every dollar donated goes directly toward program services. CFR is endorsed by medical and psychosocial experts.

Connect in Nature

The emotional benefits of connecting with other patients & survivors in nature is powerful medicine. The retreats are unconventional & described by many women as life-changing.

Emotional Support

Support & encouragement from other women that have walked similar paths. Cultivate friendships that will last a lifetime.

Women Served

To date, CFR has hosted over 700 retreats serving more than 9,400 women nationwide, while also inspiring international efforts in Canada, New Zealand, Italy, Australia, Ireland and the UK.

Become a Sponsor!

Get involved by purchasing a very special, limited edition Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelet handcrafted by Cristy Cali for a current patient or survivor.

Schedule a call with our customer service team to be paired up with a deserving applicant, and we will process your order securely over the phone.

Shop For A Cause

These bracelets will only be available for purchase during the month of October.

Very limited quantities available.

Buy one for yourself to spread awareness or schedule a call with us if you would like to purchase one for a survivor or current patient!

Sold out

Sold out

Crafted with Love

Dr. Cristy Cali

Jewelry Designer / Doctor of Metaphysics / CHLC

"We are multidimensional beings. The physical aspect of healing from any illness is important, but the emotional, mental and spiritual components are just as crucial for holistic healing and wellness."

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