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What makes me happier than anything in the world? Making people smile, just because.

   Kindness is free and I believe we need much more of it in this world to help counterbalance the collective negative energies. We all know that our lives would be much more joyful if there were more kindness emitted from the abundance of love some of us hold in our hearts.

   One day, around the Spring of 2017, I came up with the idea to create a simple jewelry design I could give away to certain individuals I encountered throughout my days, to make their day just a little brighter, but also to begin a chain of events which is fueled by the kindness and generosity in our hearts. I know there are other people like me, some call us empaths, some call us light workers, that understand the simple yet power of love. We're all angelic beings, but a world in chaos teaches that we must hide our wings in order to survive.

Like Native American author, Jamie Sams, once said, "Everyone is chosen, but few respond by volunteering to serve."

The design is simply a reminder that we choose how we see the world and our circumstances - you can choose to be sad about it or take focus on the best learned from it. We have the power to change our way of thinking, even when everything else is out of our control. Does this mean I'm always happy? Absolutely not! I have my "bad days," too, but they wouldn't be bad if the other days were not so great! The polarities of life are necessary in order to teach us life lessons, otherwise, we would not know better or we would already know it all. How boring life would be. 

Each year I intend on handing out 50 pendants with a card that includes the URL to this page. I welcome anyone that has received and/or given a pendant to share a few words with everyone else within this very unique and special community. Remember, we are all connected by this one small intention, to show our wings to uplift the spirit of another fellow being. 

Looking forward to seeing all your beautiful pictures with #CaliFlipsFrowns 

Peace and love, Y'all.

Cristy Cali

Jewelry Designer, CEO

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