Cali Club FAQ's

How It Works

Depending on your price preference, select which option best suits you. Keep in mind, the only way we can offer these major savings is due to the 4-order minimum commitment.

All couture charms priced between $35-50 are automatically part of the program (with the exception of some "Limited Edition" charms). Only charms outside of these price ranges do not qualify for the program and must be purchased “a la cart”. Discount codes may be used on “a la cart” couture charm purchases, but they may not be applied to any subscription program due to the 44% potential savings already calculated into this offering.  

Upon subscribing, you will be asked how often you would like to receive a Cali Box. You may select as frequently as monthly up to every 6 months.

The cost per charm is dependent entirely on your budget, and will also determine your savings. Everyone will save a different amount depending on which designs you selected and which subscription option you chose.

  1. Single - $34
    • You select one charm
    • Cost per charm $34
  1. Double Trouble - $62
    • You select 2 charms
    • Cost per charm $31
  2. Triple Threat - $84
    • You select 3 charms
    • Cost per charm is $28

The greatest savings comes with the Triple Threat subscription option – if you select a $50 charm, you’re paying $28 for that charm – that’s a 44% saving. If you select 3 charms priced at $50, instead of paying $150, you’re paying $84 – that’s $66 saved!

Domestic shipping within the USA is a flat rate of $3.50 via USPS insured for all subscription orders, we cover the difference to help you keep your savings.

International shipping is a flat rate of $22.50, which when combined with the Triple Threat option, comes to $106.50 / 3 = $35 per charm, which is still a great savings of 30%!

Internationally recognized Bead Blogger, Paula Jackson, has written several reviews on our jewelry including this article on Cristy Cali's Couture Club. 


How To Subscribe

  1. If you already have an account with us, it is important to log in at this time. If you do not have an account, you may create one before and proceed to check out, or you can create one afterwards. Note: if you decide to create an account after checkout, you must utilize the same email address used for the initial subscription purchase to manage it.

  2. Click on this link and select a subscription option
    • Single, $34
    • Double, $62
    • Triple, $84

  3. Select your order interval from the drop down menu (how often would you like to receive your Cali Box?

    Additional notes: Quantity should be left at 1, unless you have multiple subscribers at the same address. Only 1 shipping address is allowed per transaction. If you are purchasing a subscription as a gift for someone, you will have the ability to have two separate billing and shipping address. Therefore, if you are buying multiple subscriptions as gifts, you will need to create a new transaction for each subscription gift.

  4. Click on Select Choices by using the + or – keys. The top right corner of the page will let you know how many selections you have left according to your subscription choice.

  5. Proceed to checkout
    Additional notes: Only on the initial subscription order do we allow the following option: if you have more purchases to make, you will have to make them on a separate transaction, as the subscription program is a third-party hosted feature. Nonetheless, email us at immediately after both orders have been submitted and request to have your orders combined, and the shipping charges (if applied) refunded for the second order. This way, everything can be shipped together. 

  1. Highly recommended: bookmark the link provided on the Thank You page for easy access in the future. Should you lose the URL, you can also always visit our website and click on Cali Club Login, then select Manage Subscription.

    Sample confirmation "Thank You" message

  2. Check your email. You should receive 2 emails with the following subjects and info:
    • Order # confirmation – order summary, processing and shipping information
    • WELCOME TO THE CALI CLUB! Important details about your subscription – secondary login link and invitation to create an account, if you don’t have one already. If you do not have one, now is the time to create one using the same email used to check out, which is the same email address where these emails are being sent.


Managing Your Subscription

One week before your next order is due, our system will automatically send you a reminder email to make your selections. Your selection will be locked in 3 days before the order ships to hold the inventory for you. No changes can be made to this particular order after this point.

1. Logging Into Your Account

The easiest way to log into your account is to visit the website at and select Cali Club Login located on the top menu bar and log in using your email and password. 

The next screen will appear, showing your past orders, and your information on the left. 

2. Subscription Management

Right below your name is the Manage Subscriptions link - click here to proceed to the next screen. 


3. Manage Menu

Once you're here, select Manage to see all the available options to manage your account. 

4. Make Your Selections

Select Upcoming Orders to make your selection for the next order. Again, you will need to use the + and - keys to make the necessary changes. 

Important note: the charm(s) you previously selected will automatically be re-selected on your next order. If this goes unnoticed, you will not be allowed to add your new selection(s) until you remove the old selection(s) via the "-" key. 

Exchanges from Subscriptions

Normally, we pay for shipping back to you when it comes to exchanges. However, due to the low prices offered in this program there is no "wiggle room" for us to pay for shipping exchanges back to you. Therefore, if you'd like to exchange an item you are more than welcome to. In these cases, we ask that you include a prepaid self-addressed envelope with your return package and we'll take care of it for you. Don't forget to include your original packing slip or order confirmation email!

Thank you for your understanding!

Exchange Return Address if shipping via USPS:
PO BOX 723, Destrehan, La 70047

Exchange Return Address if shipping via FedEx or UPS:
5860 Citrus Blvd. Suite D #180, New Orleans LA 70123

If you have a question regarding your subscription which was not addressed here, please let us know at We're happy to help! 

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