Wedding Cake Pulls

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Cristy Cali is revolutionizing the tradition of wedding cake pulls by putting on a modern twist.

Cali Couture charms are compatible with major brand bracelets.

While traditional cake pulls are a nice and classy addition to your wedding cake decor, Cali Couture Pulls offer an exciting new way to approach the event.


What are Wedding Cake Pulls?

Well, first of all, the tradition of Wedding Cake Pulls is definitely a "Southern thing". So, don't feel left out! This tradition is a fun way of getting your bridesmaids (or other single ladies) involved in a fun, entertaining, photogenic ceremony to foretell their future.
Sound like some voo doo hoo doo magic?
Each charm is wedged inside the cake (enough to not be seen from the outside) and a bracelet or a ribbon is attached. All the single ladies gather around and select a charm they wish to pull. Upon command of the bride, each gal pulls her selected charm to see what her future holds. Each charm has a meaning. Every wedding cake pull set is different, according to the designers. Cristy Cali's cake pull charms are compatible with other major brand bracelets, some of the girls participating, may already own! The charms slide off the pull bracelets and onto their sterling silver slide bracelets.

Trust us, this is not a charm that will end up in a jewelry box collecting dust.

Weddings are expensive, nowadays, and we want to make sure your money is well spent. Not only will you create a wonderful memory with your friends, but you and your friends have a precious artifact to remember your beautiful day by.

Display Sign

Displaying The Charm Meanings

Your cake pull order also includes a customized graphic in .ai and PDF format which will be emailed to you after the Cake Pulls have been shipped. Print at home, or bring to your local Kinkos to select a thicker stock. 

Please include in your order's notes, the name of the bride & groom along with the date of the wedding.

Need more than 6 pulls? 

No problem! 

Purchase the style set you'd like. Then send us an email at with your order number and the details of the additional bracelets and charms you would like to add to your set. You may select any charm you would like and Cristy will apply a special meaning to this charm. 

We will email you an invoice for the additional charm(s) and bracelet(s) and add the description to your customized graphic accordingly. If you have any questions about our Wedding Cake Pull offerings contact us

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