Chalcedony of Wealth Signature Stretch Bracelets – Cristy Cali

Chalcedony of Wealth Signature Stretch Bracelets

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  • 4mm polished round green chalcedony gemstones
  • Solid 925 Sterling Silver accent beads & components
  • Handcrafted by Cristy Cali with a whole lot of love 



Chrysoprase is a form of silica, much like sand or quartz, but it is made distinctive by the deposits of nickel in the stone that give it a distinctive green colour. The Ancient Greeks said that chrysoprase was the sacred stone of Aphrodite, [the goddess of love] whose sacred colour was green.


Green Chalcedony, also known as “Chrysoprase” relates strongly to the Heart Chakra. The vibrant green colors can trigger the energy body to reconnect with our heart, reminding us that forgiveness and unconditional love is a daily practice. 

Green energy connects us with Mother Earth, and as we are reminded to reconnect with our hearts we are recall the Divine Truth that we are One. Despite our personal financial situations, green reminds us that we truly are abundant all the time, as abundance is a state of mind. 

Wear green gemstones to reconnect with your Heart Chakra and welcome more abundance and wealth into your life. 


Chalcedony of Wealth Design

 When I use the term "wealth" I am referring to your state of health & vitality, not financial wealth. Finances are earthly, man-made constructs that have unfortunately created an illusion of lack and poverty for too many people, leading them to believe they do not have enough and therefore they must not be enough. 

The Divine Truth is, you ARE already abundant. Abundance and wealth are states of presence and perspective. The more you live your life through the lens that you are MORE than enough and you have all you need to be happy because you ARE Divine, the more great opportunities for growth and prosperity you will attract.

Like attracts like.

May this design inspire you to emit the most radiant energy you can channel as often as you can and you'll be amazed at how quickly your life will transform. 


How To Care For Your Jewelry

Gemstones come in many different cuts and degrees of hardness. Some gemstones can break if dropped or hit against something solid. Never expose your jewelry to chemicals, including alcohol found in many perfumes. Ultrasonic cleaners use modern technology to safely clean jewelry with gemstones. If you do not own an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner, click here to read The Best Way to Clean Your Jewelry Without Harmful Chemicals.

To caution on the safe side, treat your Signature Beaded Gemstone jewelry with the upmost love and respect as if your jewelry had it's own consciousness because that's what I believe. Everything is alive, even rocks, and they vibrate at a frequency which allows us to feel their metaphysical & healing properties.


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