Casting For Recovery: Breast Cancer Sponsor Bracelet – Cristy Cali

Casting For Recovery: Breast Cancer Sponsor Bracelet


Exclusive Agate Stone "Sponsor" Bracelet Details

Handmade for healing with a whole of love by Cristy Cali. VERY LIMITED SUPPLY - ONLY 100 BRACELETS AVAILABLE. This design will only be available during the month of October.
  • Stretchy style, very easy to put on!
  • Hot Pink Crackle Agate Fire Beads 10 mm
  • All components are sterling silver
  • 7" size contains 18 beads
  • 8" size contains 22 beads

This bracelet is reserved specifically for breast cancer survivors. As a Doctor of Metaphysics, I believe in the power of energy healing and intention. The art of making these bracelets realizes themselves in the form of a ritual:

Before I sat down to make these bracelets, it was important to me to place myself in a peaceful and meditative state so my physical body could relax and clear out any stress or baggage from my day. Atmosphere is important as well - I had my Palo Santo essential oil from Young Living diffusing near me, in addition to Hindu meditation music playing in the background. 

With positive and uplifting thoughts in my mind, I held each bracelet to my heart center while I prayed for healing & guidance for every warrior wearing the bracelet. 

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I teamed up with Casting For Recovery because energy healing is real to me. Methods for healing the body comes in many forms, including being physically surrounded by nature and engaging with other women that have experienced similar fears & challenges. The spiritual and emotional component of healing is just as important as the physical aspect. 

With every bracelet purchased, you are helping to sponsor women with breast cancer. The money you are spending will support survivors or current patients in attending a Casting for Recovery Retreat in 2020.


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