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March Madness: What You Need To Know

What To Expect:

  • Approximately 30 minutes

  • Brand new jewelry designs

  • New restocks from the Spirit of Spring Collection

  • Rare, one-of-a-kind pieces

  • Limited availability, made-to-order offerings


How To Buy

  • Comment SOLD to claim, unless otherwise directed

  • Successful claims will be confirmed via replies on original comment

  • Unclaimed items from the LIVE may be claimed up to 24 hrs afterwards via replay

  • Order invoice will be emailed to successful claims

  • Please complete order invoice within 24 hours of receipt 


You Should Also Know

  • All VTS orders are final sale. 

  • In an effort to protect the integrity of our LIVE Virtual Trunk Shows from "fake" claims, we must impose a 1-strike rule. Any individual who submits a successful claim and fails to complete the order invoice within 24 hours of receipt will be banned from participating in any LIVE VTS in the future. 

  • If you purchased a made-to-order item, please allow up to 12 business days for your order to ship upon completing payment. They're worth the wait! 

  • Facebook always displays your comments first to YOU. From your perspective, your comment will always appear first. As the host of the event, we see the comments in their proper chronological order. 

  • You MAY absolutely 100% finance your order with our financing partners. Nevertheless, we simply ask that you DO NOT USE AFTERPAY IF you want to purchase a made-to-order item.

    The reason is because AfterPay requires us to ship orders within a certain time frame we cannot meet on made-to-order items, only that which is in stock and ready to ship. Consequently, we could be penalized and lose our partnership with AfterPay. We have several other options to choose from and thank you for your understanding. 



How To Play

STEP 1 Place 3 separate orders during the month of March 2023

STEP 2 Post a picture of all 3 orders in the CC VIP group with the caption: MARCH MADNESS CONTEST ENTRY (Order # 1, 2, 3)

STEP 3 The top 3 posts with the most reactions (likes, loves, etc) by April 30th by 8 PM CST will win prizes.

Prizes include:

1st place - $250 gift card plus surprise jewelry gift

2nd place - $100 gift card plus surprise jewelry gift

3rd place - $50 gift card plus surprise jewelry gift


A blast from the past

Take a look at previous March Madness Collection launches

Some designs are still available. Prices are subject to change.