Meet Michela, Our Digital Brand Manager!


Ladies and gentlemen,

I'm very excited to introduce Miss Michela Castellana to our marketing team. She is a Texas native with a beautiful charisma and energy. We're very blessed to have her join our growing family. We met in August while I was interviewing candidates for the store's staff, but I felt she would be a great fit for our marketing department. Her experience demonstrates she understands the importance of customer relations and how to emit our appreciation through digital media. 

Michela is really excited to get started, and even more excited to meet you in person when we finally open our storefront doors. She wants to highlight YOU, who you are, where you're from and what you love about CC jewelry, on our digital media outlets.

Very soon, Michela will be launching her own blog on my website titled Michela's Minute to talk briefly about exciting upcoming events, collaborations, projects and anything exciting you should know about. She will also be writing some email campaigns to keep you updated on new developments or interesting information.

Please welcome Michela by leaving a comment on this post! We'd love to hear from you! And thank you for supporting small businesses in New Orleans - you're helping us grow and support our family. We truly appreciate you!!!  


Favorite quote?

“Who are you to judge the life I live? I know I'm not perfect, and I don't live to be – but before you start pointing fingers, make sure your hands are clean.” ― Bob Marley


Where do you live?

New Orleans, LGD


Any pets?



Fun or goofy fact?

I’m a vegetarian


Chocolate or vanilla? Or both?

Vanilla, preferably with rainbow sprinkles


Zodiac sign



Spirit animal

Lion; pairs with my sign obviously, but I strive to be someone of strength, courage, and persistence, and I feel this majestic animal portrays just that


Favorite New Orleans restaurant



Favorite color



What have you been up to?

Before moving to Louisiana, I was raised in Austin, Texas, graduated from Texas State University. I spent the beginning of my career working in the craft beer industry, with a focus on marketing and business development. If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life! And boy did I love my work. I cherished working to create events and sponsorships, teaching others about the craft beer movement and traveling throughout the state of Texas.


What brought you to New Orleans?

I moved to New Orleans in 2016, ever the hopeless romantic, for love. I stayed for the culture, the community and a few genuine souls that I’ve met along the way. While it was a tough transition and I contemplated returning to Austin when things got rough, I decided that I could provide a service to businesses in Southeast Louisiana for those lacking the expertise, and I started my own marketing and business consulting firm.


What's your job and why do you love it?

I met Cristy Cali in August 2019 and we instantly clicked – two kindred souls with similar upbringings and a passion for business. I joined the team as the Digital Brand Manager, focusing my time on digital marketing, aspects like social media and email campaigns, blog posts, website development and maintenance, and community events. My favorite thing about what I do in general is seeing businesses grow and flourish with my help. I love working with Cristy because I believe in our product and her mission! I also really enjoy being surrounded by an amazing and hard-working team working towards the same goal.


I intend to share my passion for growth at this pivotal moment in Cristy Cali history – the opening of the new storefront! This is a huge step for Cristy, and I am so honored for the opportunity to be involved. What I look forward to the most in the chance to meet & interact with our customers in-person while sharing the positive love and energy we put into our work. The store opening allows us to create and host new events and activities within the store and our community. We can’t wait to meet y’all!


Be on the lookout for my blog posts coming soon where I’ll share more about myself, my favorite pieces from the Cristy Cali Jewelry line, upcoming events and more!

Until then,



  • Sharon Brock

    Welcome to Nawlins and
    To cristi’s!! I know you will love working here. So many fabulous things about cristi and she is just getting warmed up!!! Nothing but up, up, UP!!! Welcome again! ⚜️


    Welcome. There is no place line NOLA. Can’t wait for the store to often.

  • Michelle Wilcox

    I am so excited and look forward to meeting you Michela and helping Cristy touch so many more people !!! I have known Cristy since she was 16 years old! We have watched her grow and evolve to the wonderful, creative, loving woman she is today 💜 I can not wait to work with this great team!!!

  • JoAnn Tigert

    Welcome to the Cristy Cali family, Michaela!! I have felt like a part of her family for quite a few years now. She’s so easy to love! (Now if you could just get Jack to smile for a picture!! 😝🤣) I live in Virginia, but NOLA is my favorite place to visit, especially at Halloween. Looking forward to getting to meet you next month!! ⚜️💜💛💚⚜️

  • Cris

    Hello! I’m sure Cristi is glad to have you on board. I don’t get to New Orleans as often as I loke, but I look forward to seeing the new storefront! I love the jewelry Cristi has made. My collection is growing (slowly), and can’t wait to add to it. Welcome!

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