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Beadaholic Review: Smell The Roses

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Today Beadsaholic brings a review of Cristy Cali Smell the Roses ring and couture charm.

With the New Year just beginning we need a little reminder to stop and smell the roses, take time for the things that make us happy and live life to the fullest as tomorrow is never promised. Cristy Cali has captured these thoughts in her design of Smell the Roses, it is the perfect reminder that we are not immortal and to make every moment count.

For me skulls are not only a sign of mortality; but, of life. They are worn to celebrate life. The life we live or the life of those we have loved and lost. They are not to be feared, spooky or bad in anyway. We all have a skull and it houses one of the most important organs of our body.

Cristy Cali Smell the Roses Couture Charm is a stunning skull with a rose headband. On the top of the skull is inscribed with “Smell the Roses”.  This charm measures 12.82 mm high and 11.83 mm wide. Smell the Roses retails for $50.

This charm has “Smell The Roses” engraved on the back of the skull, to remind you to stop to appreciate the small things, while the skull is a symbol of your mortality. What you decide to focus your time and attention on is ultimately how you invest your energy… choose wisely.

Now for some up-close photos of the details of this charm.

Wrist Shot!

I have combined Cristy Cali Smell the Roses with Trollbeads Pink Pearls and Redbalifrog Stoppers.

Bracelet on the backside is Cristy Cali’s Queen of Hearts which retails for $198.00 – $218.00 and comes in sizes 7 – 9 inches.

Cristy Cali Smell the Roses Ring is definitely a statement piece! This ring is beautifully detailed and matches the couture charm perfectly with its Rose headband and Smell the Roses inscribed on the top of the skull. Down the sides you will find what looks like leaves and a vine. The Skull part of this ring measures 18.20 mm high and 17.54 mm wide. Smell the Roses ring comes in sizes 5 – 10 and retails for $218.00

I love the vine and leave detailing on both sides of the ring.

Smell the Roses is inscribed at the back side of the skull as you can see here.

It is such a stunning ring and is fun to wear.

Over all, this is such a nice collection. As most know I have an extensive collection of skulls and this charm is a true highlight of my collection and I of course love that there is a ring to match. This is truly a must have for any skull collectors.

If you would like to browse the Cristy Cali Collection you may do so by clicking the banner below to be redirected to her site. Please note that this is an affiliate link.

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As always, I love hearing your thoughts. What do you think of Cristy Cali Smell the Roses collection and her line in general? Do you have any of her charms or jewelry?



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