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Welcome To My Cave

Posted on April 01 2017

Welcome to the Cali Cave Blog

I liked the idea of utilizing the word "cave" because it implies to go within.

I am asking you to venture into my inner world, my inner mind and that which lies within me. This is where you will find who I really am, the designer, the philosopher, the teacher, and the pupil. As humans, we go through our cycles, where we are once pupils before teachers, but a great teacher never stops being a student. We are all on the same journey on this same place at this same time.

There is so much love within me for this world and humanity, and from this place of love originates the jewelry I produce for all the world to see. Knowing the jewelry you wear comes from a place of love for you to learn and grow as my fellow human brother or sister, I hope, makes you feel more loved and deserving. This is what I wish to accomplish. 


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