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Cristy Cali Originals

Posted on April 11 2017

Cristy Cali Originals, are what I consider the designs produced within my first 2 years in business, including the designs I had produced prior to establishing my own brand. These designs are special to me because my first pieces of the positive reaction I received from consumers. I am humbled by the stories of love and tragedy that have been associated to my designs. Women wearing my Angel of Grief come up to me, say nothing, and embrace me with their loving arms. The sorrow and pain from their grief hits me instantaneously like a ton of bricks as I embrace them back with feeling of love and completeness to help fill the massive void. Other days I am greeted with smiles and gratitude because my pieces have helped to alleviate them with their feelings of being "homesick." As long as my pieces fill others with happiness and joy, I know a memory will be created and from that moment forward, and the loving energy I placed into producing these pieces will be felt by the wearer. My patrons and I have a very special relationship, as they each carry of piece of my love and positive intent. 


List of Cristy Cali Original designs:

  • Angel of Grief
  • The Crescent City Collection
  • The Fleur de Knot Collection
  • The St. Charles Ave Streetcar Collection
  • The Snowball Collection
  • Loving Pelican
  • Voo Doo Doll Collection
  • Magnolias
  • Fleur de Crescent
  • Please Return to New Orleans Heart
  • Breakable Hearts
  • Roman Candy
  • Starry St. Louis Cathedral Limited Edition
  • State Pelican
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