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About Cristy Cali

Cristy Cali's jewelry collection is all solid sterling silver with a handful of solid 14K gold and gold plated sterling lines. Offering only the best quality available, you can always rest assured you get the best for your buck. 

A Brief Biography...

Cristy was raised as a Metairie and Kenner girl. She attended Ursuline Academy High School in uptown New Orleans. During this time, she officially became an uptown girl. Nevertheless, it was not until she left for college that she realized how much she loved and missed her city. She left to Mobile, AL to attend college but was too homesick to stay. She transferred to Loyola University's School of Business for her junior year and graduated in 2012.

 While she always had a passion and talent in the arts, jewelry design was the last thing on her mind until her mother influenced her back in high school. Cristy had been contributing to her mother’s jewelry business by creating her own designs since she was 16 years old; this was her way of “doing her part” to help out her family’s business. 

Cristy started her own company five months after she graduated from Loyola and has been enjoying life as an entrepreneur. Her hobbies include riding motorcycles with her husband, spending time with her 2 dogs, and traveling as much as possible. She is a member of Ducati Owners of New Orleans Club. 

Her work has been featured in several local, New Orleans magazines and blogs. She is most known for incorporating New Orleans history, culture and architecture into her work. Her long-term goals are to expand her designs to include different cities from different states and have retailers beyond the Louisiana border.

Cristy was featured on the cover of September issue of New Orleans Magazine. 


Who Wears Cristy Cali's Jewelry?

Guys and gals! Senator Mary Landrieu wears my New Orleans Collage Cuff bracelet. Even big stars like Aerosmith have worn custom pieces during their last concert visit in New Orleans in December 2012!

Cristy's Collection is a line of jewelry focused on and inspired by the architecture, rich culture, and fascinating history of New Orleans. 



The Cristy Cali mission is to design beautiful jewelry that means something truly special to the wearer or someone giving a gift. 



The Cristy Cali vision is to bring happiness and help others create wonderful memories that will last a lifetime represented by my jewelry. The jewelry itself may have a price tag on it, nevertheless, whatever memories you create with it is priceless... and that is what I strive to achieve.  

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